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iPad Coding Workflow

With my current setup using Apple Wireless KB I discovered that the only way to switch between apps is to do it the iPad way… double tap the home button. I find this very slow specially being used to using CMD + Tab.

On my workflow, I just created a new space where I place all the apps I commonly use, that way I only have to tap the home button one time and switch by tapping the app I need.

From my research I found out that CTRL + OPT + H H should work but this is only for iOS7, too bad since I’m running iOS8.

This workflow works for me ATM, i’ll just get used to it.

PS: Was able to update and push production codes on the 2nd day of using just an iPad + Apple Wireless KB.

vSSH + = Portable Dev lvl2

Another day for portable coding with my iPad. I already have an account. The best thing about that is an out of the box codebox in the cloud.

Setting up is really easy, given that you have a SSH keys to use, in my case one from my trusty old MacMini. Configuration is a no brainer, all I need to do is import the private key in vSSH and use that for authentication.

Now that I can connect with the codebox, let’s see what’s next!

PS: Planning to join some coding session with just my iPad and AWKB.

Minimalist Coding with iPad + Apple Wireless KB

The power of portability and minimalism can be found by just your iPad and AWKB.

I am rediscovering the power of iPad with AWKB. Woking on with codes over a remote server, which in my case will be my MacMini running in the same network.

All I need to get my work/coding done is a simple SSH Term client. With this I can run #tmux and #vim. Still trying to get used to it, but man this is wicked cool.